Friday, June 10, 2011

Are high grades necessarily a sign of intelligence? writing sample

Are high grades necessarily a sign of intelligence?

Do you think getting high grades is a sign of intelligence? If so, we should eliminate many features of the intelligence definition to cope with this issue.Even if we believe that the students who get a high grades in school, are intelligent, there are some features missed here. What about the people who get low grades, are they unintelligent? there are plenty of ambiguities are should be clarified. Students who get high grades are not necessary to be an intelligent, because relying on a specific academic aptitude not suffecient to show intelligence.

People who get high grades in one university may not get high grades in the other one. For example, students who get A+ in SIUC may be unable to get A in Harvard University, and some students who get a B in Harvard may get an A in SIUC. For this reason it is not fair to associate intelligence with getting high grades. Predominantly, when we associate high grades with intelligence, we forget to eliminate the target school difficulties. In addition, there are some schools and universities easier than others that enable the student to get high grades without working very hard.Here is Dr Peter Knight, the former vice-chancellor of UCE Birmingham, published in the 2007 academic article "Some universities are better than others" as an evidence that we should believe that some universities seek a different effort to get high grades. Therefore, associating high grades with intelligence is not a wise decision, because the universities have a various difficulties.

Moreover, an abysmal grades does not reflect that the students are unintelligent because some of them suffer from family's issues that keep their focuses off their work. Many students take care of their families, so if some terrible issues happened with their families, they can not focus on their studies. This may cause them a massive confusion; we all human, and know about human feelings.There is a survey has been emerged by Melanie Winklosky in 2006 titled 'Survey Finds Most Students Drop Out Over Family Problems and Academics'. "According to the survey results, 46% of districts said students drop out because of academic issues, including failing classes, falling behind in coursework, and falling behind their peers. 46% of districts also said students drop out because of family issues, citing lack of parental support, a disruptive family life, or death in the family." Therefore, it is unreasonable to consider high grades a sign of intelligence. Getting high grades does not measure students intelligence because it relies on the results without looking to the conditions.

Moreover, many students are able to get high grades, but they do not try their best; they may lack the motivation to do so. Moreover, some students are careless about any educational environment because they are sick of learning. For example, in US it is mandatory for the young children to go to the kindergarten and the preschool to start acquiring the important knowledge, and learn verbal and communication skills. Many of them go to preschool just because they could not refuse, so when they are eighteen, they are sick of learning. Many scientists consider play as children's work; therefore, the children like to have fun not to be controlled and forced to gain some boring information. Therefore, it is unjust to consider high grades as a sign of intelligence.

Furthermore, there are many students who are terrible in school; some of them can not even express their ideas in written form, but they can solve many complicated problems, think wisely, and reach their goals, even better than some educated people; they can lead people, control them, and make people love them.For example Michel Jordan, he was not excellent in school, but he has reached his dreams.He can use his psycho-motor ability in a very effective way. Nowadays many people around the world believe that Michel Jordan is one of the most intelligent basketball player.

Finally, we shouldn't consider high grades with intelligence because some of unforgettable leaders, kings, presidents who have changed the history lanes were uneducated ,or were unsatisfactory in some subjects.And if I am an excellent in math, but bad in history, it means that I will get bad overall grades. For many reasons considering high grades as an intelligence is not fair logically. Frankly, some high grade students are dull and clumsy; It is hard to believe that, but it is fact. They have no experience in life, they can not even make their decisions by themselves.